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About us

Who We Are
  • Americans United for Political Action is a non-profit 501C (4) organization that seeks to secure the constitutional right of all Americans access to voting and to ensure the integrity of our electoral process.  We support Legislation passed in the United States House of Representatives to protect voting rights. 

  • Liz McCallum, chair of Americans United for Political Action is a former journalist, award winning author and consultant.  Together with her husband Dennis McCallum they founded AU4PA to act as a citizens’ advocacy group that mobilizes activists to halt voter suppression and to unite the efforts of organizations working on behalf of political causes across the country.  They believe that the 2018 election demonstrated that protecting voting rights is of paramount importance and without free and fair access to the ballot box none of our efforts will matter.

“For far to long the GOP has been cheating to win, we must take action right now to protect our democracy.”

What We Do
  • Americans United for Political Action Organizes and Mobilizes Americans across the country to fight all forms of voter suppression and election tampering.

  • Through our Education and Advocacy efforts we ensure that every American who wishes to cast a ballot in an election has the ability to do so without any undue burden or constraint.

  • We will lead like-minded Americans and other organizations in this mission, and Fight Efforts state by state that seek to diminish voting rights.


How You Can Help
We need YOU - Everyone of you
  • Please make a contribution today to Americans United for Political Action. These contributions gifts are not tax-deductible. 

  • Join us to investigate and expose voter suppression activities in your area.  

  • Share the story of Americans United for Political Action with your family, friends, neighbors and network.   Because Americans United cannot be divided.


Liz McCallum
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